BMW Club WA maintains a compliant COVID Safety Plan and will be running its planned Calendar of Events for 2021 with club events that can be run in accord with the Plan. Attendees at Club Events will be required to comply with the procedures for social distancing, hygiene and safety that are outlined in the Plan and are required by the WA Government at the time of each event.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, 2020 was an active and successful year for our Club with our calendar of events including multiple different activities, with something for everyone, with only a few events postponed or cancelled during our most restricted phase. We are enjoying good retention in membership and our events have been varied and enjoyable, achieving a balance between driver training, technical and social activities.

There is much to look forward to during 2021 and the Club Committee is already planning a full calendar for the upcoming year. For more information on what BMW Club WA has to offer please contact John Slade 0402 025 277, or John Oppermann (08) 9364 5663.

Reports on some of our recent events can be found on our Recent Events page. 

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