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BMW Club WA Show’N’Shine 2017 - Sunday 12 November

The stars aligned on Sunday, literally, when the best display of BMWs ever in Western Australia lined up in the shade of the peppermint trees at Manners Hill Park, by the side of the river in Peppermint Grove.

I’m not sure if anyone counted the cars but at least 60 Club members’ cars were on display, surpassing last year’s Centenary Celebration numbers, and the quality of the display was enhanced by the presence of an i8 and a latest release X3, courtesy of our friends at Auto Classic.

The weather was nearly perfect and the atmosphere was fantastic. The judging tent threatened to blow away with the sea breeze gusting higher as the day went on, but 20 members’ BMWs passed through the tent before we called it quits and added up the points (and dismantled the tent before the wind did it for us).

A full list of cars judged and scores will be published shortly in the club magazine but a simple summary goes like this – every class had a worthy winner and all the cars judged were great examples of the marque. Well done to all the owners – your investment in elbow grease showed up on the score sheets. But in a unique outcome, the Best Car in Show, the Best 5 Series and the People’s Choice award all went to Allan Perry for his superb E34 535iS.It’s not always the case that the people and the judges agree but they did last Sunday. Well done Allan!

Soon there will be a video of the day uploaded on the website, which should give you a clearer view of how good the display was this year, and high resolution images of all the cars will be available from AJ Photography for purchase. If your car was in the line-up at some time throughout the day, then there’ll be a photo of it. In the meantime, take a look at these members’ photos of some of the cars on display.

BMW Club (WA) / Porsche Club (WA) Combined Drive to Dwellingup

What could be better on a warm and sunny September morning that to meet up with a couple of dozen BMW drivers for a scenic drive through some of Perth’s most scenic roads to a hearty lunch? How about combining that with an equal number of similarly inclined Porsche drivers?

This was the mouth-watering scenario that greeted participants in the inaugural combined “Spring in the Valley” drive to Dwellingup. Initially planned as a drive to Toodyay and the Chittering Valley, the challenge of feeding 50 people necessitated a rethink in terms of lunch location.  Some previous visits to the Dwellingup Hotel by some committee members raised the lovely southern town as a possible alternate lunch location and the hotel manger was more than happy to take on the challenge.

The scene at the muster point at the Baldivis BP was impressive with a collection of 30 of both marques finest from today and yesterday.

A scenic route was planned via the stunning forest around Jarrahdale to Serpentine Dam, flowing on to Dwellingup on the lovely Del Park Road. I was fortunate enough to be a passenger in a 330i convertible and the experience was stunning given the number of wildflowers coming into bloom (the dead kangaroo that we passed was memorable in a different way) – you really do feel connected to the landscape.

Town was buzzing when we arrived at the Dwellingup Hotel with the steam train arriving and numerous other displays bringing in huge numbers of visitors.  The pre-ordering of lunches proved to be a real-time saver for both guest and the hotel staff. The hotel laid out a separate room for us all and the food came out in a steady stream – many thanks for Stu for his loud meal calling voice!

Lunch provided club members to mingle with their counterparts and discuss the various merits of their cars. Frequent topics involved service costs, great driving roads, model reliability, motorsport opportunities and the old depreciation chestnut! It was really refreshing to discuss these topics with enthusiasts with a different viewpoint.

Many thanks to Stu MacGregor for his event management and organisation of the lunch venue, and to BMW Club President John Slade for initiating the combined event and marshalling duties and welcome address on the day.  Special thanks also to Peter King, a member of both clubs who liaised with the Porsche Club and to Grace Tan for managing communication on the Porsche Club side.

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BMW Club WA Show'N'Shine 2017

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A fine turnout of some thirty Members in a nice range of BMWs took part in this Club event with their partners and friends and were greeted with pleasant weather.

The meet point on the Sunday morning was Stirling Square, Guildford and everyone had a pleasant drive (with only moderate truck traffic) from there via West Swan Road and Great Northern Highway to stop for morning tea at the Bindoon Bakehaus.  Once refreshed, the Members took the road less travelled (particularly by roadtrains) via Mooliabeenee and Mogumber to arrive at the Hotel of the historic New Norcia Benedictine Monastery for lunch on its upstairs balcony.

Members have expressed their enjoyment of the lunch and drinks, the views over the town from the balcony and the opportunity for an interesting walk around afterwards. 

Returning Members had the choice of retracing the outbound route or going straight down Great Northern Highway as best suited them.

Club members Robert and Kerri Bowe have just returned from Antarctica and have established the parameters for a new and ongoing Club Event - wearing your Club Merchandise in the most faraway place. Photos taken by Kerri of Robert in his club polo on the Antarctic Peninsula a few days ago have set the bar pretty high. Who can top that?

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